valuation & fine arts restoration

Works of art are material-based creations. Thus, they are constantly exposed to the ravages of time and the elements and therefore are subjected to natural ageing and deterioration.


The conservation of works of art and antiquities was formerly limited to simple repairs in respect of the theoretical background and technical equipment available in any given period. It took a long time to realise the necessity of specialised scientific and technical expertise in the preservation of our cultural and religious heritage.


Admittedly, as science and technology advance, different conservation methods are constantly introduced, while the methodology and conservation materials applied vary depending on the nature and condition of the object being treated.


Conservation includes fixing, disinfection, consolidation, surface cleaning or in-depth cleaning, retouching and final protection.


Our methodology is firmly focused on extensive research into the artist’s work, the specific techniques applied and the environment in which the artwork was kept. Following that, we proceed with thorough documentation before any intervention in order to ensure that the distinctive character of each artwork is properly maintained. Once the research and documentation stages are completed, a meticulous preliminary conservation report regarding the treatment proposal(s) is submitted to the client, followed by interim reports. Art conservation is of crucial importance to the longevity of artworks. Every single art object embarks on a journey through time. It’s up to you to make it as long as possible.

The decision is yours!