advisory & consulting

As an independent Art Consultant, Μinas Chatzichristou act as liaison for clients in Greece and out of Greece for those wishing to consign and sell works of art, jewellery, watches, objects etc in auctions abroad.

Investing in Works of Art

We advise new collectors on how to build an art collection that reflects their taste, budget and objectives and we also advise established collectors on how to manage, expand or renew their art collections.

Damage Evaluation

As approved member in the list of surveyors of Lloyd's, we are able to evaluate damage, resulting from fire, mishandling, human negligence, etc., to movable and immovable cultural heritage and offer conservation cost estimates.

Legal and Insurance protection

Many people are not aware of how to safeguard valuable antiques. To ensure your artworks’ legal protection we advise you on the best course of action, relying on discretion and trust.

Art Installations - Preventive Conservation issues

It is essential that your artworks are properly displayed within your public or private spaces, so as to ensure ideal presentation in terms of both aesthetic and preservation.

Αdvisory services on-site by Minas Chatzichristou include risk assessments, environmental monitoring and control, good housekeeping program, preparation of conservation plans, full written condition reports and reviews of collections.